Consumers today are using more channels than ever, and they expect to engage with brands in all of them. Customer support teams often are not growing in size and thus are straining to keep up with this increased demand. This challenge is something Verint calls the “Engagement Capacity Gap.”

Good news! An effective customer community can help bridge the gap, as long as you have active members who continually come back to share their expertise and answer fellow customers’ questions.

That’s where two types of community rewards can help: “pixels,” meaning digital recognition within the community (such as badges), and “pennies,” or monetary rewards (such as e-gift cards). By combining these two rewards, you’re on your way to getting the community engagement and positive ROI you need.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn:

What challenges are created by the “Engagement Capacity Gap.”

How using communities and incentives can help reduce customer support costs.

When to use pixels and when to use pennies to reward community members.

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