With over 360,000 reviews, TrustRadius is a leading review site for business technology. To reach this impressive amount of reviews (and growing!) TrustRadius has implemented a strong strategy in order to get customers on the record.

Join Katie Marino-Kyle, Research Operations Manager and Kayla Hutchison, Marketing Campaign Specialist at TrustRadius to hear how their program started, including how they thank reviewers for their time. This seasoned team has evolved from one person manually sending out 250+ rewards every single week to a well-run, automated rewarding machine with the help of Rybbon.

You'll learn how to

Best practices for running a reviews program

How automated, global rewards are a “game changer” for TrustRadius

The importance of personalization and customization with digital incentives

Meet Your Hosts

Kayla Hutchinson

Marketing Campaign
Specialist at TrustRadius

Katie Marino-Kyle

Research Operations
Manager at TrustRadius

Chelsea Legendre

Customer Marketing
Manager at Rybbon