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A Practical Guide to Building a Points Rewards Program

In this free 30-page guide, you will get an action plan on how to launch a successful points rewards program. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Use points-to-rewards to create a high level of engagement within your community
  2. Design a simple, scalable incentives program that drives measurable results
  3. Calculate your points scale and how many points to award for each activity
  4. Maintain your desired budget (and get the most out of every dollar!)
  5. Get your points rewards program started as quickly and easily as possible

In This Book

A step-by-step guide for what points based programs are, why they work, and how to create a simple yet effective program for your business.



See real-life examples of points rewards programs and learn why they’re so effective at driving engagement.


Get printable worksheets to help you design your incentives programs and determine a points scale.

Action Plan

Learn the quickest, easiest way to get your points rewards program up and running.